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Sarah is a space journalist, international TV host and award winning author. She has an academic background in astrophysics, is a global thought leader in the growing commercial space sector and is an MIT Aurelia Fellow. 

On television Sarah hosts UFO Conspiracies with Craig Charles on Sky History and is one of the hosts of ‘Contact’ on Discovery Channel and Science Channel – which airs in the US and internationally. She is also a leading voice of space on various other television shows in the UK and US, regularly appearing on Sky, BBC, CNN, People Television, ITV News, Channel 4 News and Channel 5 News. As well as on various documentaries on Discovery Channel and Science Channel and UK shows including Coast, BBC Sunday Morning Live and Derren Brown.

Sarah is a passionate and well accomplished presenter able to make complex topics in science relatable to a general audience. She also has extensive live television experience having begun her television career as a weather presenter and science correspondent with the BBC. 

As a writer Sarah has authored five books about space exploration; Findout! Solar System, Do you know about space?, The Space Race: The journey to the Moon and beyond, Look Up: Our story with the stars and Moon Paradise in partnership with Assouline. Sarah also regularly writes about space exploration for several media outlets including The Telegraph, Politico, The Sunday Times, CNN, BBC and The Royal Aeronautical Society.

Sarah has also hosts radio documentaries about space and is a regular guest across BBC Radio. She has also worked on two documentary movies – Last Man on the Moon (2014) and Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo (2

Within the space industry Sarah works at the highest level, traveling the globe working to develop the commercial space sector. People and organisations she has worked directly with include Jeff Bezos, Buzz Aldrin, Tim Peake, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, NASA, the Commander of US Space Command, Jim Bridenstine, Jan Worner, The Space Foundation, Virgin Galactic, The Gates Foundation, Boeing, Cobham, Mercedes, SXSW, Samsung, the UK department for trade and industry, The Ministry of Defence, SETI and ESA.

Sarah also sits on the board of directors of Space for Humanity, a global non-profit dedicated to democratising access to space and is an honorary advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation.

Sarah’s mission is to inspire a diverse audience about why space exploration matters, how it has shaped all of our lives and why we all need to look up a little more. Space is for everyone.