Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 12.22.33Sarah Cruddas is a Space JournalistBroadcaster and award winning Author. She has an academic background in astrophysics, is a respected voice within the commercial space industry and is the face of space on British TV, appearing on channels such as Sky NewsChannel 5 NewsITVChannel 4, and across the BBC. She also appears on screen in the US on channels such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Sarah is a passionate advocate for private space exploration, working within the industry as Director of Marketing for Space for Humanity, a global non-profit working to democratise access to space. She is a regular pundit and writer on the space industry, writing for the BBCCNNNew ScientistThe Sunday TimesThe Royal Aeronautical Society, The Telegraph and a host of other publications. She also writes and industry blog for The Space Angels Network

Sarah works international, at the highest level, as a speaker and host on private and public events communicating why space matters. She has presented the case for space exploration to military and political leaders, high net worth individuals and commercial organisations working with high profile astronauts, scientists and space leaders. Clients she has worked with include; The European Union, Red Bull, Google, Samsung, The European Space Agency, NASA, Women in Aerospace, Mercedes-Benz and The Space Foundation.

Sarah has reported about space and science from across the world including; North Korea, The Arctic, China, Rwanda, Tibet, Eastern Europe, America and Australia. As well as TV and writing, her reports have featured on BBC Radio 4’s flagship ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ program, BBC World Service, BBC Radio Five Live and she has presented shows about space for BBC Radio 4.

Sarah is the author of two bestselling children’s books Find Out! Solar System and Do You Know About Space?  and a contributing author to The Universe: Exploring the Astronomical WorldHer third children’s book will be released in spring 2019.

Prior to all of this Sarah, worked as a Science Correspondent and Weather Presenter with the BBC. She has appeared on shows such as Derren Brown: Apocalypse, Coast, Bang Goes The Theory, Horizons Business and reported across BBC News on the final Space Shuttle launch and landing.