Russia to work with China?

So the knock on of the current situation in Ukraine seems to now be causing problems for space. First the US imposed sanctions with Russia and now it appears Russia has hit back at the US and will instead begin to work more and more with China. According to The Moscow Times this week, the Chinese and Russians will work together post 2020, with the potential for a space station together. 2020 is the year the ISS will start to become redundant and this seems to be the Russians way of hitting back at the sanctions the Americans imposed. It could also see Russia not launching American satellites and payloads post 2015.

Obviously the decision for Russia to work with China in the future is an interesting one, however China is really starting to push forward with its space ambitions as it bids to be the next space super power. In December 2013 China’s Jade Rabbit ‘Yutu’ landed on the Moon, the first time ‘we’ had been to the Moon for 40 years. Although the mission was not technically complicated, it helped to highlight how China is forging ahead in space.

What will be interesting to see is how America reacts to China and Russia working together. Hopefully it could mean that this finally spurs America, along with commercial companies to push forward in space.