April space milestones..

April is a month which seems to have a lot of space anniversaries. Humans first went to space on April 12th 1961. The space shuttle also flew for the first time, the Mercury 7 were announced as astronauts and Apollo 13 happened – and you all know the story with that.

In fact ever since we started exploring space, our modern history has been littered with milestones. First object in space, first spacewalk, first man on the Moon. The list is endless and the achievements are vast. Space exploration more than any other discipline seems to be decorated with acomplishments, pushing the boundaries of human achievement and knowledge.

What I love most about space is there appears to be no limits to how far we can go. Every milestone and acheivement just opens up the doors to more possibilities. Sometimes it is just mindblowing to think we are this tiny blue dot, with life on it. Of the many many years that humans have been able to look to the stars, it’s just in the last half century that we have been able to travel outside of this bubble to explore what is ‘up’ there.

Sometimes there is a lot of stick that space hasn’t really moved on much, that space let us down and we should have done so much more by now. I mean we went from never having left Earth to walking on the Moon in just over 8 years. And then things seem to have stalled. But when you look back at what we have done since, the achievements are vast. Nearly every day has some sort of space anniversary. We are now very much a space species, relient on the technologies that space has given us.

So instead of being disheartened that we are not on Mars and we haven’t been back to the Moon, look at all the increable things we have achived instead. A world transformed because of reaching for the stars. A world relient on the technolgy born out of this new type of exploration.